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Acu-Na’s Women’s Jamaica Healing Waters Retreat

Have you lost your personal compass? Are you wondering how your life got off course? Rest, reflect, and renew with us in Jamaica. Return home with a renovated set of personal values that will become your new beacon.

Our Jamaican healing waters retreat is a powerful life changing experience. This women’s retreat is unique because it provides not only the fun and relaxation of a tropical island vacation, but also creates one-of-a-kind opportunities for introspection, personal growth, and exploration of self. A wide range of therapies and activities are available throughout the week to benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. This retreat offers the perfect balance of personal transformation, connection with the earth, and connection with the vibrant Jamaican community.

Connect with yourself

You will wake up to the soothing sound of the ocean every morning. You will have leisure time for meditative personal moments as you sit absorbing the sounds and energy of the crystal clear Caribbean Sea on your own private beach. You will have opportunities for fun, adventure, exploration, creativity and spontaneity. This retreat allows you to create the experience that most nourishes your soul. If you are in need of deep restorative relaxation and quietude, you will experience it. If you are longing for connection, you will find new friends in the women on the retreat and in the incredibly welcoming and genuinely kind Jamaican people. If you are in need of change in your life, you will find opportunities to push your boundaries and find the inner strength to say YES to the experiences of life. Whatever your reason for choosing this retreat from your everyday life, you will find that your ideal experience will manifest.

Connect with the Earth

Take in the magnificent sunrises and sunsets, enjoying the perfect view of untamed beaches from our lovely retreat space. Stroll the short wooded path down to the secluded private beach, enjoying the pristine white sand full of gorgeous sea shells. Learn about the treasured sea turtles of Treasure Beach, and hear the sounds of the tropical birds of the island. Savor the abundance of delicious tropical fruits, and enjoy the authentic home-cooked Jamaican meals that feature the excellent food of the region.

The theme of our retreat centers around the sacred healing waters offered by the island. Three incredible excursions are offered to immerse you in these waters, each providing a different opportunity to feel the energy of the seas and rivers. First, the healing mineral baths of the Milk River will allow you to float weightlessly in the warm, highly mineralized water in your own private tiled oasis. You will spend the day moving slowly between the multiple mineral baths and the rest of the resort, luxuriating in leisure time during which you can read the book you’ve been longing to read, write in your journal, or take a languid afternoon nap. You will be amazed at the level of deep relaxation and rejuvenation that this excursion offers.

Another day will whisk you away to the mountain springs and natural cave at Roaring River. Experience rebirth of your true self in the womb of mother earth, in this destination that has been used for healing by generations of Jamaican people. Last but not least, venture by boat out to sea, enjoying the view of the coastal villages as you head to Black River to see the flora and fauna including mangrove trees and exotic birds. On your way back out to sea, keep watch for schools of dolphins who may join you as you journey to the Pelican bar, a secret oasis for a delicious lunch and snorkeling.

Connect with the Community

You will be astounded by the kindness and warm open hearts of the Jamaican people in the Treasure Beach and surrounding communities. Become enveloped in the warm embrace of the island, learning the sacred ways of the indigenous people and benefiting from their extensive ancestral wisdom. You will meet healers, chefs, and wisdom-keepers who exemplify the values of tight-knit community and the oneness of humanity.

Experience the REAL Jamaica

This retreat offers a unique glimpse into the real, authentic aspects of Jamaica. With Mary’s guidance (your facilitator) you will wander off the beaten path, learning the secrets of the land that only the locals know. Instead of being isolated on a tourists-only resort, you will be safely and lovingly immersed in the vibrations of healing water, energetic reggae music, and healthy authentic cuisine that provide an unparalleled view of this sacred slice of paradise.

The Details

This retreat is 7 days and 6 nights for $1300.00.  Pay in full $1300 or pay in 2 payments of  $650 ).   You can avoid paying the online payment fee also by calling us direct to pay. Payment plans are also available by calling us directly at Acu-Na Wellness Center. Your lodging accommodations and home-cooked meals are included in your price. Airfare, excursions, airport transport, and meals off-premise are not included.

Flights should land in Montego Bay, and it is recommended to book your plane ticket early to receive the best rates. Travelocity and Fly Direct have non-stop flights from Charlotte to Montego Bay. You need a valid passport that will not expire for at least 6 months after your travel dates.

Come join us for this phenomenal week in paradise!!

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Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Mary Jane Houge – cell is 828-606-4767. Email – events@acu-na.com

Once you register for this retreat, you will receive an information packet that will prepare you for your trip. We are also happy to answer any questions you may have via email or phone.