Shakti Rental

Vacations should be stress-free, but that doesn’t mean they always are. With the intense planning beforehand and chock-full itinerary once you’re there, vacations sometimes turn into the exact opposite of what your escape needed to be. A Shakti Rental should be on your next travel forecast if you’re looking for a trip that’s all about relaxation from

Shakti Life-Changing Retreats: Rest, Reflect and Restore

Don’t over all the complex details of planning a  life-changing retreat that is  a transformational, soul-stirring, awe-inspiring journey for yourself. Have peace of mind about arranging and negotiating your accommodations, transportation, guides and activities but want to avoid the hassle of all the paperwork and save hours of time.

What is a Soul?

What is a Soul?

A “SOULFUL EXPLORATION”© – with Mary Jane Houge January 18, 2016 – What is a soul? This is one of humanities big questions. There are many different viewpoints. Every answer has significance, especially to the person which whom that viewpoint resonates with. No one really KNOWS and can prove without doubt that their view point