Our mission is to transform lives by providing powerful, authentic, life-changing events that range from retreats, local gatherings, musical events, meditation, sacred indigenous teachings, indigenous ceremonies, yoga, and drum circles. Our goal is to support you in cultivating more joy, love, balance, laughter and peace in your life and in this world.

We will provide many opportunities for personal transformation unleashing the wisdom of your heart and the power of love.

We are actively participating in the global effort to unite humanity in spirit by hosting inclusive discussions focusing on the common thread in religious and spiritual beliefs, honoring and respecting all paths. As we become aware of our connection with our divine light and acknowledge this light in others, we recognize our oneness with creation and nature.

Join us at our monthly gatherings, extended workshops, or overnight retreats held locally in Western North Carolina (WNC) or in exotic destination locations.

Our hearts are filled with gratitude and love as we come together in unity to learn, love and share in order to create the world in which love, respect and peace prevail.

Amen, Aho, Namaste’, Shalom, Peace, One Love…